Illinois abrasive blasting Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting services using sand, glass beads, coal slag, and walnut shell to prepare surfaces for protective coatings...READ MORE

Wisconsin tank lining Tank Lining

Tank and tanker trailer lining services for the application of chemical, water, and corrosion resistant protective coats and paints...READ MORE

Wisconsin corrosion protection Painting/Special Coating

Protective corrosion resistant paints and coatings with epoxy, polyurethane, enamel, coal tar, vinyl ester, baked phenolic, and zinc...READ MORE

Abrasive Blasting Service Wisconsin

Symet Provides Quality Coating with the Best Materials

Symet, Inc.’s corrosion prevention experts are committed to providing the best abrasive blasting, tank lining and painting services in the industrial and commercial coating industry. Our Wisconsin abrasive blasting and protective coating projects range from tanks, piping, steel members, castings, structural components, pump components and weldments to more delicate operations such as duct fans, gearboxes and smaller machine parts.

Wisconsin abrasiveNo matter the task at hand, Symet, Inc. delivers fast service with extreme care and attention to detail. All coatings are rigorously tested for thickness and uniformity before your steel leaves our facility.

Illinois Abrasive Blasting Service for Cleaning and Coating Preparation

Abrasive blasting methods are performed skillfully at Symet, Inc.’s industrial facility. Our abrasive blasting professionals draw from years of experience when selecting the ideal abrasive medium for your particular surface abrasion project. Symet, Inc. utilizes sand, glass beads, coal slag and even walnut shell depending on the task at hand.

Symet’s expert sandblasting removes tough rust and corrosion, leaving a clean metal surface with a surface profile consisting of tiny peaks and valleys on metal surfaces which allow protective coatings to develop a mechanical bond with the metallic substrate. This bond allows the protective coating to perform the job for which is was designed.

Wisconsin Tank Lining Company Protects Steel and Aluminum Storage Tanks and Tanker Trailers

Tank and tanker trailer linings from Symet, Inc. hold up to years of corrosion and damage from water and chemicals. Our corrosion protection coatings dramatically increase the life of your steel or aluminum tanks and tanker trailers. Symet, Inc.’s Wisconsin tank lining service professionals provide abrasive blasting services designed to properly abrade the surface of tanks and tanker trailers to your exact specifications. We spray standards-compliant lining material evenly and uniformly for anticorrosion, product purity and/or product release qualities.

Enamel WisconsinIllinois Steel Coating Workshop Performs Corrosion Prevention Services

Corrosion prevention services from Symet, Inc. are vital to extending the life of tanks, structural steel, castings, weldments and other steel equipment. Corrosive chemicals can eat through unprotected or poorly lined steel tanks in a matter of years, months, or even minutes. Bare steel members make structures vulnerable to collapse, forcing extremely expensive repairs and replacements.

Symet, Inc.’s coating experts apply a wide range of Wisconsin protective industrial coatings suited to any task. We apply numerous types of epoxy, enamel, polyurethane, vinyl ester, coal tar, baked phenolic, organic or inorganic zincs and other effective corrosion prevention and protective coatings. Abrasive blasting prepares metallic surfaces for high quality protective coatings. A rough surface profile on the steel surface allows the coatings applied to it to develop a mechanical bond to the steel surface, which helps to provide a long lasting finish. Symet, Inc. completes your entire corrosion proofing project from start to finish.

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