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Abrasive Blasting Service in Wisconsin

Best Corrosion Protection Service From WI to IL

pump blastingFor the best abrasive blasting service Milwaukee has to offer, look no further than Symet, Inc. We perform abrasive blasting using a wide variety of blasting media, including different grades of sand, glass bead, coal slag, and even walnut shell. Blasting material is carefully selected for maximum performance and standards compliance.

Symet, Inc.’s detailed sandblasting service is perfect for a wide variety of cleaning, restoration, and coating preparation applications. Wisconsin water and fuel tank lining, structural steel coating, casting painting and pipe coating services are all preceded by abrasive blasting, which creates a rough surface profile of peaks and valleys on the steel surface. This rough surface allows the coatings applied to it to develop a mechanical bond to the steel surface, providing a long lasting finish.

Wisconsin Abrasive Blasting Service Protect Steel Equipment

Sandblasting is Symet, Inc.’s go-to method for the majority of Illinois abrasive blasting projects. Sand provides an excellent surface profile for maximum adhesion of protective coatings such as zinc, epoxy, and enamel.

Trailer BlasingGlass bead blasting provides more of a polished surface rather than an etched surface profile, producing a sheen in the metal instead of a dull look. This process is typically used for stainless steel items which do not require a coating over the blasted surface but still require a uniform finish.  Coal slag blasting uses coal-derived glass particles to remove rust and dirt from steel surfaces. Not to be confused with fly ash, this benign glass substance is a safe and effective abrasive blasting medium. Symet, Inc. performs top quality rust removal using versatile coal slag particulates.

Walnut shell blasting from Symet, Inc. uses finely ground walnut shells to degrease and clean metal parts. This process is mainly used for cleaning and degreasing only as the resulting surface profile is minimal in comparison to other medias and does not provide an adequate surface profile for paint or coating adhesion. Symet, Inc.’s abrasive blasting professionals use this specialized blasting medium to clean even the greasiest metal components.

Contact the Wisconsin abrasive blasting professionals for top quality sandblasting, tank lining, paint coating and other outstanding corrosion prevention services.
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