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Vinyl Ester Coating Wisconsin

Impact Resistant Tank Lining Illinois Manufacturers Rely On

Vinyl ester coatings are resistant to chemical effluents, organic and inorganic acids, corrosive liquids, salts and water. Symet, Inc. is the industry leader in corrosion prevention. The vinyl ester coatings Symet, Inc.'s Wisconsin industrial coating specialists apply strongly resist acid and alkaline chemicals as well as volatile fuels and vapors.

These excellent corrosion prevention coatings are also very physically durable. Vinyl ester resin coatings won’t break apart when subjected to stress along with the underlying steel. Low quality coatings don’t hold up to the heat, tension, flexion, and impacts expected for steel members and tanks. If the outer layer fails, corrosion will occur and lead to structural failures as well as steep replacement costs. Symet, Inc. uses vinyl ester coatings for outstanding corrosion protection in the toughest conditions.

Our Wisconsin abrasive blasting technicians prepare the surface of your tanks with high quality sandblasting, giving the surface a rough texture. This rough surface profile holds vinyl ester far better than smooth steel, ensuring you have the longest lasting industrial or commercial tank possible.

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