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Wisconsin Coal Tar Epoxy

Salt Water Corrosion Protection Services Illinois

coal TarWisconsin coal tar coating is perfect for protecting heavy equipment near fresh, brackish or salt water bodies or in high salinity and moisture conditions. Symet, Inc. applies the durable coal tar epoxy paint to your tanks, structural components, pump components, castings, weldments and piping per specifications.  When properly applied, coal tar epoxy won’t crack or break off when your equipment experiences expansion and contraction during changes in ambient temperature. Symet, Inc. performs every step in the careful process of corrosion prevention.

Symet, Inc.’s Wisconsin abrasive blasting professionals use industrial sandblasters to prepare the surface of your equipment for a coal tar epoxy coating. Abrasive sandblasting removes embedded rust and dirt while creating a consistent surface profile of miniscule peaks and valleys. These carefully measured variations in surface height help hold on to coating substances such as coal tar epoxy.

When applying any coating to your tanks, pumps, castings, weldments or structural components it must be applied consistently and uniformly to prevent unpredictable material degradation and failure. Symet, Inc.’s experienced Illinois industrial coating professionals perform detailed inspections and quality assurance. Our careful testing and surface thickness measurements ensure outstanding performance from our coal tar epoxy applications. Symet, Inc. is the number one trusted source for steel protection.

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