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Abrasive blasting services using sand, glass beads, coal slag, and walnut shell to prepare surfaces for protective coatings...READ MORE

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Wisconsin Corrosion Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Illinois Abrasive Blasting and Painting FAQ

Wisconsin epoxies

Symet, Inc.’s Wisconsin abrasive blasting and corrosion prevention experts will answer every question you have about our high quality coating services. Symet, Inc. serves manufacturers of steel or aluminum tanks, metal fabricators, structural members, machine parts, weldments, pump components, castings and many other industrial and commercial products. Our corrosion prevention coatings protect countless tanks and steel structures.

Explore below for a list of frequently asked questions from steel manufacturers. If you have any inquiries into our outstanding service, feel free to give us a call at any time. Symet, Inc. is your complete solution for industrial and commercial paint coatings, tank linings and abrasive blasting.

Contact the Wisconsin industrial and commercial corrosion prevention professionals today for immaculate paint coating with competitive prices and fast turnaround.

A: How do you apply zinc protection?

Symet, Inc. applies zinc-rich primers immediately after abrasive blasting. This application provides cathodic corrosion protection to the underlying steel. Symet Inc. does not hot dip galvanize steel parts. Our experienced zinc painters use organic and inorganic zinc primers for outstanding galvanic protection for your steel products.

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A: What do you use for abrasive blasting?

Our abrasive blasting service utilizes a wide variety of abrasive media carefully selected for your particular blasting job. Symet, Inc. chooses sand for most abrasive blasting projects, and we also use glass beads, coal slag grit or even walnut shell depending on the task at hand.

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A: Do you use liquid paints or powder coating?

Symet, Inc. works exclusively with liquid paints and applies durable protective coats using airless and conventional spraying methods.

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A: What specific coatings do you apply?

Symet, Inc. applies any liquid coating or paint compliant with state regulations. Our geographic region permits 3.5 pounds of Volatile Organic Compounds per gallon of product. VOCs are the solvent component of paints and other protective coatings. Symet, Inc. performs any corrosion prevention task for durable and lasting steel equipment.

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A: How long will my project take?

Completion time is dependent on several factors: the amount of surface preparation you require, the type of paint you request, and the number of other items received prior to your steel equipment’s arrival at our Milwaukee abrasive blasting workshop. The vast majority of jobs require only ten to fifteen work days for completion.

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A: Can you come to my site to perform abrasive blasting?

No, we are a service job shop, all steel tanks and other parts are brought to our workshop for corrosion protection.

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